DuckDuckGo and StartSSL

With more and more integrity issues floating to the surface, and privacy becoming more of a focus, I’ve started to look into what I can do.

For one, I’m trying out DuckDuckGo as a search engine instead of Google. Their philosophy is to not track people, making the web a tiny bit more anonymous. I’m happy enough with the search results, can’t really say I miss anything that Google found for me.

The other is that I’m starting to secure websites I’m working on with HTTPS. This is really way overdue for everyone, and HTTP/2 being on the work bench it’s about time that we all pick ourselves up and encrypt website traffic. It should be for the viewer’s eyes only. SSL certificates can cost a few bucks, and there are options from around $5 around the web, to the free option at, which only really requires you to verify that you run the domain you claim the certificate for. Excellent service, and quick! I can highly recommend.

DuckDuckGo Free SSL Secured By StartCom